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“We are not only working hard to earn your business but when we do, we work hard to keep it. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction every time we go out to a job. As a small business, we understand how important it is and stand by it every day.”

- Mike Calebrese President 

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Raise Your Standards with M.R. Crane Services

A dynamic family-run business that has been shaping the crane service industry since its establishment in 2006. Founded by brothers Mike and Ryan, M.R. Crane stands as a testament to the enduring values of family, hard work, and an unyielding commitment to excellence

At M.R. Crane Services, our commitment to excellence goes beyond the machinery – it's a standard we set for ourselves and our industry. "Raise Your Standards" is not just a slogan; it's a reflection of our dedication to providing top-tier crane services that elevate your expectations.

Foundations For Success

Born and raised on the breathtaking Vancouver Island, Mike and Ryan embody the spirit of our company. Their early days working alongside their father as bridge builders in the forestry industry instilled a no-excuses mentality and a tireless work ethic that laid the foundation for our success.

Milestones and Growth

In 2015, a pivotal moment marked our journey with the acquisition of our inaugural tower crane. From that milestone, M.R. Crane Services has grown into a formidable force. Our fleet now boasts 17 mobile units, over 35 tower cranes, and 12+ man/material hoists. Employing over 70 professionals in British Columbia and collaborating with numerous subcontractors across the province, our capabilities have expanded exponentially.

Diverse Opportunities, Collective Strength

Beyond the machinery, M.R. Crane Services is a collective of skilled individuals contributing to our shared success. We offer employment opportunities spanning Tower Crane Operators, Erectors, Technicians, Mobile Crane Operators, Truck Drivers, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Elevator Mechanics, and Office Staff. Join us and be part of a team where your skills and dedication are valued.

Proudly Shaping the Largest Crane Service

From the onset, Mike always had the vision, determination, and passion to provide the largest fully integrated Crane Service on Vancouver Island, and today, with unwavering commitment, we proudly declare that we are the largest crane service on Vancouver Island!

Beyond Boundaries

While Vancouver Island remains at the core of our business, our horizons extend to the Lower Mainland and Okanagan markets. We eagerly anticipate building lasting relationships and contribution to the growth of these regions and beyond.  Experience the strength of family, the power of vision and the dedication to excellence at M.R. Crane Services.


Contact us today and witness how our legacy of hard work and passion- We Will " Raise Your Standards," and elevates your expectations in crane services with M.R Crane Services!


Fantastic Service


“We have hired MR Crane Services for many different jobs relating to the restoration of Hotel Rialto. Without exception, they provide fantastic service exactly as they outlined in the estimate...done on time and without a hitch. I wish all the businesses we contract would perform to the standards that MR Crane has maintained. Highly recommend.”

- Margaret L.

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